Our team of Braineka professionals have developed strategies for the control of endless phobias

Fear to fly?

You know someone or it has happened to you that you can not visit your loved ones because you are afraid to fly. This is known as aircraft phobia and is often accompanied by panic attacks or anxiety attacks, it can also be associated with phobia of heights which also prevents those who suffer from climbing the mountain or enjoy a beautiful view from the terrace of an 80-story skyscraper.

Although climbing the stairs is healthy, there are people who only have that choice because using the elevator or being in a closed space produces anguish and terror, this is the case of claustrophobic people who may never use a meter to get around since only the idea terrifies them.

Fear of crowded sites?

There are even more crippling cases, there are people who only leave their home terrifies them, they are afraid of the open spaces to this phobia is known as agoraphobia and the life of these people is very limited.

You know someone who has had a panic attack in a movie theater, the symptoms of a panic attack are often confused with those of a heart attack which produces a lot of fear and makes the person not enjoy a full life.

¿Evitas situaciones por miedo a eventos displacenteros en tu vida?

There are also people who suffer from depression, or from post-traumatic stress who also have an unpleasant life and tend to be sad or avoid normal situations for the majority but which represents a risk for them or reminds them of a tragic or traumatic event of their own. lives

We do not just work on phobias

With Braineka you can also treat different symptoms and discomfort such as depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit and insomnia.

Braineka is also aimed at anyone who has a special requirement to deal with symptoms or specific psychological discomfort, together with Psychologists.guru we will do the protocol or we will personally assist you to solve your symptoms and provide you with well-being and serenity.


Braineka is effective for the treatment of the most common phobias and can be adapted to your specific needs, there are people who are afraid of very specific situations and we can also offer you a personalized protocol (there are people who are afraid of pampering, or tiles ) It is not possible to have a protocol for the immense number of fears some people may have. We offer a wide range of solutions for different types of phobias and we are continuously working to offer you more solutions.

Another limitation is that it can not be used by people who have had a seizure episode, who is diagnosed with epilepsy or suspects its existence.